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In the past years the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue has become a leading international forum for key stakeholders of the energy sector. High-level policymakers, industry, science and civil society are given the opportunity to share their experiences and  ideas on a safe, affordable and environmentally responsible global energy transition. In other words: exchange on the Energiewende. Please find more information at

This year’s focus is on:

  • geopolitics
  • integrated energy transition
  • structural change
  • digitalisation

In 2018, the conference was home to more than 2.000 participants from over 90 countries, including 40 ministers and state secretaries and more than 100 high-level speakers, exchanging on investment flows, system integration or long-time scenarios against the backdrop of dynamic innovation and the digital transformation.

The conference takes place during the “Berlin Energy Week 2019”, gathering the Who’s Who of traditional and new energy sectors, from energy ministers to high-level representatives of international organisations. All in all, the events of the Berlin Energy Week comprise a total audience of more than 3.000 people with national and international media coverage.