Panel: Green Recovery – Lessons learned on reporting on the Transition

Opening remarks:

  • Hinrich Thölken


  • Simone Peter, President, German Renewable Energy Federation (BEE e.V)
  • Sven Egenter, Editor in Chief and Executive Director Of Clean Energy Wire (CLEW)


  • Kennedy Nyavaya
  • Ika Krismantari
  • Pei-Hua Yu


What does the concept of “Green Recovery” mean for a specific region, for its society, economy, political and academic institutions? What defines the symbiotic relationship of a “Green Recovery and the Global Energy Transition”? With four comprehensive research concepts five BETD fellows have put these questions to the heart of their journalism work. Their work sheds light on the chances and impediments of a green recovery in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. Their research results have been shared with a wide international audience, through different (social) media tools, including print articles, podcasts and infographics.

In this session, the speakers are going to share the results of their research projects in an interactive pecha-kucha format with directly following Q&A sessions. Moreover, the authors will share their lessons learned, regarding their research methods and visualization tools used. You will have the opportunity to direct your questions at your fellow journalists and to share your best practices with the audience.

Key Questions:

  • How can we imagine our world after the crisis? In which way can energy transition contribute to new paths?
  • What are the unique challenges and chances that come with the green recovery, given the regional economical, societal and political context?
  • Which advice can you share with fellow journalists when it comes to the reporting of the green energy transition and more specific, during the green recovery?