Tewodros Kassa

Tewodros Kassa is an Assistant Editor working at The Ethiopian Herald government-owned English-language Newspaper. Tewodros enjoys learning new ideas, meeting global icon persons, and aspires to work with and report for internationally known newspapers and television media.

Tewodros has won a range of awards from his organization, private institutions, and renowned individuals for publishing best stories @The Ethiopian Herald.

From the beginning, Tewodros has witnessed outstanding achievement in his academic performance.

Currently, Tewodros is actively reporting a variety of issues including science, business, politics, and society, among others.

You can find all of his works on the websites: Ethiopian Press Agency www.press.et search it-Tewodros Kassa and www.allafrica.com  by searching for Tewodros Kassa.

Tewodros holds a BA Degree in journalism and communications from Addis Ababa University. Currently, he is pursuing a Master of Arts (MA) education in diplomacy and international relations.