Maya Misikir

Maya Misikir is a journalist based in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. She served as the deputy editor-in-chief for Fortune Newspaper for a year before leaving to engage in freelance writing. Her journalistic experience lies mainly in writing and editing business news and feature pieces, though she has covered social and political stories as well. Her writing experience started while she was studying law at Addis Abeba University. Since then her work has included creative and technical content creation, script and proposal writing and editing both as a freelancer and as permanent staff in a corporate and social enterprise setting. She has also worked in the event business; organizing and executing music concerts, for three years. In addition to her regular work, she hosts trivia nights for like-minded groups of friends and acquaintances in the city. She would like her epitaph to read as ‘Maya was introduced to and fell in love with rugby at the tender age of 23.’