Kridtiyaporn Wongsa

Ms. Wongsa is the Executive Director of Sustainable and Inclusive Development for Southeast Asia (SID4SEA), a non-profit development program in Thailand.  She is also associated with Public Policy Studies Institute as well as Chiang Mai University in Thailand.  Ms. Wongsa has her degrees in Chemistry, in Materials Science and Engineering, and in Mineral Economics.  With her close to two-decade-long career, Ms. Wongsa has been undertaking policy-oriented research, earlier in the fields of industry and tourism, and later, for more than a decade, in the fields of environment, energy, and climate change.  She has recently expanded her research scope to the civil society sector, the 3rd sector besides state and market.  On her research consultant role, Ms. Wongsa has been working in both local and national levels in Thailand, and now expanding to a regional level, Southeast Asia.  As a consultant, she is currently the Program Manager of Renewable Energy Task Force (RETF) – Southeast Asia for the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21).